Crossroads has partnered up with the great team at Mogiv to start accepting online monetary

donations and tithes. Check out all the options to give.

Online Giving Form:
Ways To Give:


Fill out the form to the left in one time payments or re-occuring payments of any denomination over $1


Deposit your cash/checks donations in our weekly envelopes before or after service every sunday.


Check out the Facebook page and there is a button on the left hand sidebar to “give” your desired amount.  It links with your “mogiv account” if you have given before.


Email or Text Message

E-mail or text  enter  Text or email a gift of any dollar amount to the email address: (Note: To give via email, please enter the dollar amount in the subject line.). You will receive a message asking you to confirm yourgift by creating a Mogiv account.Please follow the link. If you do not have a smartphone, you can go to and enter the confirmation code into the provided field. Set up your funding source by entering in a credit card or bank account information (or both). (Note: After you create an account, your future text/email gifts can be confirmed with a simple “Y” or “N.”)

Need Assistance?

email our support team at They will be quick to get back and help you with any issues.